Kaba specialist gates

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London Gatwick, South and North Terminal

Cost of project:  £950,000
Duration of project:  16 weeks

Key features

  • Demolition

  • Installation of specialist electrical, mechanical and Life Safety systems

  • Construction of an electrical room and data centre

Queues that are formed from people departing arrivals results not only in passenger inconvenience but also in security risks. The purpose of this project was to improve the passenger flow whilst maintaining security by installing Kaba non-return exit gates for passengers departing arrivals in the South and North Terminal.

We are very proud to be installers of Kaba’s products. With passengers able to depart arrivals using these automatic gates, it helps to reduce queues and improve service levels, with ground staff more available to those that need assistance.

The project was successfully delivered in a live environment to a challenging timeframe by both parties working collaboratively. Due to the success of the South Terminal project, the North Terminal Project was negotiated directly with Marco. The programme of works was acknowledged as a success by Gatwick's head of security

Darren Wilkes-Brough, Project Manager, Gatwick Airport Ltd